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Problem on connecting position encoder to the Gen4

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Dear all,

To be honest, I am not DIY an electric car, but I have problem on using controller which I think is similar to this section and hope someone can kindly give me a hand.

I would like to setting up a back to back testing rig for my motors. I just got 2 Gen4 motor controllers and want to set them up. However, I have problem on connecting the Baumer precise optical absolute sensor to the Gen4. As I know the Gen4 only offer resolver encoder input, cosin encoder input and also the UVW encoder input.

Can anyone advice me are there any way I can convert the optical encoder signal to the one of the above input signal?

Thank you!
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Hi there,

I believe you have to specify whether you want Hall inputs or encoder inputs when you order a controller - there is different hardware built into the controller.
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