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hi all,
having problems with the think that i cant solve. brand new quiq q 7201 charger (correct one for the think) installed about 2 weeks ago. 6 brand new MK 31 batteries installed (made by deka i believe) . charger seems to be working fine and gets to 80% complete and then 100%. charger set to algorithm 6. battery pack reads about 82 volts immediately after charging. batteries slowly drop over a few hours, but still well above 72v. cart will run maybe 20-30 feet uphill and then run out of battery (at least that what it feels like) last night i had my wife drive the cart while i tested the voltage running. it dropped from 72 to 55V within first 20'. after parked, it went back up to 72v. i suspect a bad battery or a bad pack, but like i said, they are new. also, cluster is set properly for gel batteries and not flooded. next im gonna try reading each battery under load to see if i can spot a bad one? any other thoughts?
thanks al
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