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Production EVs - General Discussion, Mods and more...

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Do you guys think it would make sense to add a set of forums for productions EVs at this point? I was thinking of adding forums for:

1) General Discussion
2) Modifications
3) Performance

Is there enough interest in this and are those the right topics to add?

Thanks everyone
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right now I wouldn't add specific forums for one model of car unless there is enough unique interest in it to qualify that, so what you'd end up with is any Tesla/Smart/Xebra performance discussion would be in the Production EVs -- Performance forum.

Does that make sense?
I bet there aren't more than 10 users with production electrics but think of these situations:

1) How many own a prius or insight and would like to add range and switch it to a Plug-In Hybrid?

2) How many will own production electrics in the next 3 years?

3) How many don't own, but would like to discuss them as announcements come out and people are thinking of buying them?

I'd like to stay on top of these things.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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