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New Energy Vehicle Coolant PTC heater Assembly
The coolant PTC heater assembly can provide heat for new energy vehicle battery and meet the criteria for safe defrost and defogging.
At the same time, it provides heat for other parts of the vehicle that need temperature regulation.

Electric heating of antifreeze, heating through the heating core
Installed in a water-cooled circulation system
Soft warm and temperature control
PWM adjustment drive IGBT to adjust the power
Short-term heat storage
Vehicle cycle, support battery thermal management
Environmental protection
Electrical performance
a) Test voltage: Control voltage: DC24V; Load voltage: 600VDC
b) Ambient temperature: 25°C ± 2°C; Inlet temperature: 0°C; Flow rate: 10L/min
c) Air pressure: 70kPa~106ka
Coolant volume 145mL
Working temperature -30-105℃
Maximum coolant temperature
Input pressure 200kPa -40-100℃
Control method:: CAN communication
1 PWM Soft start


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