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Moved post to Batteries and Charging forum. Public charging station connection

We are currently only charging at the shop. We have a Brusa NLG513 3kW charger in manual mode in the vehicle and a standard J1772 port. 2003 VW Golf GL 2.0L conversion to an Electric Vehicle.
The charger is set to pull a max of 16amp 220vac and will shut down on its own after completing charging sequences. The current process is to plug in J1772 port / flip breaker on/ turn on charger sense switch. The Brusa obviously does not talk to our dryer wall outlet. Looking at the standards for public station charging, it appears that all we need to do to charge publically is place the proper resistor across the two connection sense ports that will tell the public station to turn on the 220v at 16 or more amps. Is there more to it than this to get the [email protected] amps to flow?

P.S. in the new forum I have not yet found the search function, please direct my mouse and eyes.
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