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I'm trying to find a solution for charging 24 V Tesla batteries without adapting the settings for the lead acid batteries in my charger, becaus I want to charge those as well. This would result in a far too high charging voltage of 29 Volts. By adding a electronic relay in the charging circuit that is triggered by the BMS I want to create a Pulse Width Modulation charge process. When the battery is indeed reacting as a big slow capacitor I expect that this way of charging will not harm the battery.
Is this analysis correct?
Details: 2 Tesla S batteries, approx 10 kWh. maximum charge current 80 Amps, but this value can be lowered. Used in off-grid residential system
Your comments will be very much appreciated.
I find it hard to understand what you are attempting to do...... If you mean you are adding a circuit that takes the output of the charger and generates a PWM pulse to lower the voltage to 24 then yes that will work. I am not sure I would want to switch a relay fast enough to produce the desired effect but you might be able to find some that switch fast enough with reliability (doubtful) Most designers use Mosfets or IGBT's for this function in which case you are better off buying a charger for you purpose than trying to recreate the wheel.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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