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Not exactly what your looking for as they don’t reach the voltage your looking for but this is all I have referenced as I use these to rescue bricks at cell level.
As long as you are supplying a dc voltage 5v above the output then they taper and cut off charging, they are not accurate, some were reading .26v higher than they were outputting but none read under which is important, but they are super stable and once they were set they worked perfectly tappering nicely at my max current. I’m sure there’s some dc/dc converters that are higher output or even an ebike lithium charger that will safely do what you want, unless your just playing with PWM to see if it will work, if so get a load of cheap laptop cells and make a simple 24v pack and try on those first in a safe area (an out door BBQ is a favorite).
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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