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Q: Is there a recommended manual/safety course for HV electrical work and/or EV conversions?

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As a next step I wanted to see if anyone new a US-based high voltage safety course or other materials; I've already stripped my donor car of unnecessary parts, listed them for sale, rebuilt my donor car's suspension, am already in the process of modernizing the 12V circuits I plan to keep on this car with a new fuse-relay panel, and have already ordered my EV parts,

Put simply, while I do have a BSEE and spent the last 10 years working on a track car so I have some skills, I'm aware that there's plenty of stuff that "I don't know that I don't know" so I'm not adverse to paying a few bucks for a high voltage safety course AND/OR a course that talks about converting an EV using a telsa LDU and AEM (or similar) ECU/VCU/control systems (vs "hacking a Tesla/Leaf into your new donor chassis).

The one recent book I found (Convert It!: A simple step-by-step guide for converting any classic car into an electric vehicle) was a waste of $13 and despite its recent publication date was more about using overgrown forklift motors than more modern tech.

While I suspect the former must exist, finding the later may be a stretch. Honestly, I think I have a good enough idea on the second item BUT knowing more how the HV junction box is setup would be useful for me.

I did find ONE sample course but the material is from AU. While the material looks decent at first glance, I'd prefer materials that someone has actually used before burning whatever $400 AUD is in real money (googled it: $285 for the combo course)

Thanks in advance,
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There are at least a couple of companies operating in our country that convert gasoline and diesel cars into electric vehicles. They have a safety training course. But such a course will most likely be expensive. Perhaps it is easier to agree that such a company would do part of the work on the project. If you are interested in doing everything yourself, this of course will not work ...
For me, this is about the journey and not necessarily just the destination. I'm going to outsource the painting of the car but I will purchase some of the key components. I'm not going to build my own battery modules out of lithium-ion cells. For me, taking a safety course is probably just about being cautious versus fear of killing myself.
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