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I had a few queries regarding the product. I could not find any answers for this in the datasheet, and also didn't get any reply from Daly. Since most of you already have some prior experience with Daly BMS, I would really appreciate if you could help me with the same.

1. Is it possible to log the data via the app/software and obtain the voltage and current drawn with respect to various timings? I(When we do the test run of our vehicle, we need the data about the current drawn at each second for generating the torque values at the motor).
2. What about the current sensor for the product? With Orion, we have the Hall Sensor and similarly for a Chargery BMS, we have the shunt resistor. How is the current calculated by the BMS? Do we need to purchase any extra apparatus for the measurement of current?
3. The datasheet mentions that there is a 8-10% accuracy error with the SOC estimation. How has your experience been with the Daly BMS?
4. How are the fault signal generated in case of errors?

Thank You.
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