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This may be a strange question .
First let me explain what i'm wanting to do .
I am wanting to build a "hybrid' if that's what you want to call it.

Take a perfectly good moped and add a DIY E bike kit .
I assume the moped will be a 6v or 12 V system .
I want to buy a conversion kit and install it in line with the ICE motor .
probably just on the same or 2nd chain . I am assuming i will need to keep the ev conversion kit on its own ground system .
i guess my question is do say (48v) bike conversion kits ground to the frame ? im assuming not but is any part of the kit like controller or ev gauges tied to the frame

so 2 separate systems 1. ice and 1.Electric

this is just for speed performance and the fact that i can get away with a much smaller battery pack ( is my thinking )
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