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Let say i remove the engine from the car and the exhaust, the things that make the car move. Will things such as the ac, radio, wind shield wipers, speedometer that's on the dashboard, etc still work? Also how would i go about setting up the accelerator pedal that was for the ICE, to work for the DC motor?
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All of the normal 12V stuff should still work - especially on older cars. Speedo should work (assuming you are keeping the transmission) - a tachometer will require some tricks though (as there probably is a hall-effect gear that was part of the ICE engine).

Fuel gauge, temperature gauge and check engine light can all be made to work, but need to be customized for your controller, BMS system etc...

Power steering and power brakes must be re-worked - lots of options and information on this site.

Also you have to think through how to get heat (essential) and A/C working (if required).

Best to do lots of reading on what others have tried, then make up your mind about what fits your car and your budget...
Also how would i go about setting up the accelerator pedal that was for the ICE, to work for the DC motor?
It depends a bit on the controller you choose - you can always keep the OEM accelerator pedal and cable, then attach a potentiometer (pot-box) under the hood where it would go into the fuel system... A better way is to remove it all and install a new hall-effect pedal - no moving parts, lasts longer, less problems, cleaner install (only 1 cable from your new pedal to your controller) but maybe not available on all controllers...
Why do you say heat is essential? I live in miami, FL so we have the sun, if your referring to temperature outside. If anything i would need A/C. :)
The volt meter and amp meter go directly attached to all the batteries, before they reach the controller right?

Edit: The other thing was that, when i want to charge the batteries, should i connect them all individually or all to one charger?

Also before i buy anything i want to get these questions answered and have my research done. Thats why i still don't have a specific car in mind. I plan on it being a small-mid sized car.
What car are you thinking of converting is the best way to answer the question. Have you looked for other vehicles that have been converted like the one you want to do? That is one of the best ways to learn about all your questions.

Go to here and use the search function and look at what others have done and really read through and look at their web sites if they have one so you can learn more.
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