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A few questions that have baffled me since I read about the Prius.
  1. So I was earlier today reading lexus gs450h transmission to a mustang? where it mentioned the gs450h transmission can do "800 hp in a burst for a few seconds." How would that work? And that leads to...
  2. How much of the ICE does the Toyota hybrid system exposes to the driveshaft? By that I mean (AFAIK) the MG1 needs to be in some balance with the ICE; I take the ratio between ICE and MG1 power is addressed by the gearing ratio between them and the max RPM the MG1 can do. Doesn't that cost energy (V6 292HP + transmission 192HP for a total of ~340HP (Lexus GS - Wikipedia) means we have a lot of missing horses)? What if there was a way to lock the ICE so you could get all of its power + MG2? Probably that would not work, which leads to...
  3. In The Lexus GS450h motor there is a mention of the "purely series hybrid design (BMW i3, Nissan e-Power)"; are those like the Honda Insight system where the contribution from the electric motor can go from 0% to 100% but the ICE must stay on at all times? That thread seem to indicate the BMW and Nissan has a much more sophisticated system than that.
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