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Quiet vacuum pump recommendations ?

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Mine is a bit loud, works great just a bit annoying, time to upgrade.
Any suggestions on one that's near-silent ?
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Havent driven a ford that's low on fluid then? The hydraulic boosters look to be plug n play for a vacuum one.
Last Ford my family had was a 1915 Model-T that only had fuel, coolant, engine oil and differential grease as fluids. :) There is a pretty healthy discussion on this subject over on

Latest development is that hydro boosters are pretty old and rare and sought after by hot rodders, so probably starts at $1500 if you can find one and they are different between models, so not plug and play.

But, there is apparently a newer option which is an electric booster put out by Bosch called an iBooster which is used in modern electric cars and hybrids and available on e-bay and other used parts distributors. Looks like $300 to $450 or so and maybe need to learn how to program a CAN bus...

I've heard conflicting opinions on HELLA pumps. Their spec sheet says they are 70db to 78db depending on the model which is quite loud. But, its a vane pump, so I'm sure it is more of a whine than a reciprocating pump so less vibration and maybe less annoying. I've heard it described a windshield pump running, but I know my windshield pump is not 70db. But, if I end up going with a vacuum pump, I'll probably chase down a HELLA and do some sound dampening magic to quiet it down.


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