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Radio check, KiwiEV are you ok?

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Hope things are OK in your world, were you affected by the earthquake? I'm seeing quite a few downed buildings, hope you're safe.
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Hope things are OK in your world...
New Plymouth is on the other island, so he should be OK.
I think we did have one member that was from Christchurch but he wasn't generally very active (or maybe I just wasn't on at the same times).
All communications in that area are only for emergency use only, so even their internet services are maxed out. They have a call out to all cell phone users to not use the phone unless it is an emergency because those stuck in homes are trying to call out, or if they have any battery left I guess they figure they will call for help.

Pretty bad situation there. I hope they are all ok there too.

I think Kiwi will be moving out faster now to Europe. He is probably wishing he left a month ago. I am sure he is ok, probably packing his stuff.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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