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Rare earth minerals embargo?

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The Blog Wattsupwiththat had an abreviated version of this story so I looked for the original here on the New York Times website:

Not sure what to make of it just yet but it's not encouraging either.
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I am convinced that "wheel motors" are a bad idea. It places more shock on the motor, and creates more un-sprung weight and thus a poorer ride and handling.

The ideal will be a separate motor for each wheel with it's own CVT. Fully independent suspension with CV joints will give excellent ground clearance while keeping the CG low. Multiple motors and controllers means never getting stranded.

If we go "fully magnetic" we might as well have a magnetic CVT, too. I think we'll be seeing a lot more of this technology - imagine gears that never wear out and don't need lubrication?
Hi Phant,

I agree about wheel motors. Disagree on your other two points. CVTs aren't needed. And Haven't seen anything new from Magnomatics for a year now. Maybe they figured out it was just a clutch and not a CTV ;) Oh well, it used REE anyway.

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