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You are invited to attend the Chico chapter of the Electric Auto Association
or "EAA".

Learn more about:
. Electric automobiles
. How to convert a car to electric
. Hybrid automobiles
. Fuel cell powered automobiles
. Compressed natural gas automobiles

This month will feature some archival videos of the development of GM's

Date: Saturday, Sept. 8th from 11 am.

The meeting is FREE, and all are welcome.

Join us at Chuck Alldrin's home located at:

930 West 11th Ave
Chico, CA 95926

Go West on 11th Ave.. 1/4 mile past Holly on the North side. Look for the
black mailbox and Birch trees.

We need you at the meeting to help our new EAA chapter in Chico. If you are
not now affiliated with a local chapter, we would welcome you to transfer to
our chapter.

EV's of all types (i.e.: autos, scooters, skateboards) and Hybrids are

For more information call:
Chuck Alldrin

RAV4-EV mailing list
[email protected]
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