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Is it possible to use the Toyota RAV4 electric rear differential, central control, battery and convert another car for electric?
It's not just a differential - it is a complete drive unit (motor with transaxle, and the transaxle has reduction gears and a differential). Yes it can be used a drive unit for an EV, but it is not cooled well enough to be used at high power continuously - the vehicles using this unit run as front wheel drive only most of the time and only power the rear drive unit when required due to loss of traction. It would only be sufficient for a very small EV.

To make it easier to find information, this unit is sometimes called "MG-R" (for motor-generator, rear) following the convention of calling the two motor-generators in the hybrid transaxle "MG-1" and "MG-2". Although it is a complete drive unit, the whole thing is sometimes just called the "rear drive motor". It is the same design and possibly exactly the same part as used in the Highlander Hybrid and Lexus RX hybrid.
Here's a thread in this forum about using this drive unit:
Highlander Hybrid and Prius motors
It is from almost a decade ago, when these units were available and salvaged drive units from EVs were not (so there was interest in using these), but I doubt the drive unit has changed much.

The battery of a non-plug-in hybrid (such as the RAV4 Hybrid) is not large enough to be useful for an EV. The battery of a plug-in hybrid (such as a RAV4 Prime) is large enough for short range in a small EV.
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