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Re: Air-cooled VW to 8" Motor adaptor plate Question

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Re: Air-cooled VW to 8" Motor adaptor plate Question

I see this is lacking responses. I don't have one apart at this time
but I have in the past...

Mike Willmon wrote:

> The stock flywheel seems to have to set down about ~3/8" into the
> housing with about an RCH clearance. I mean its pretty tight.
> The flywheel doesn't seem to be perfectly true or else the
> alignment holes are not prefectly true on center because it rubs the
> housing. We wound up trying 3 different flywheels as well as
> rotating them 90 degrees until just about the last one fit and
> didn't rub the side of the adaptor housing. So has anyone done a
> Bug that can tell us if the flywheel is supposed to sit down
> inside that housing, or are we mounting it in too far? If it is
> supposed to fit inside somewhat, is there any problem turning off
> the ring gear as well as .125" off the OD.

The Beetle flywheel sits just *slightly* inside the stock engine
case. The amount is not very much, I don't think any part of the
flywheel is outside the face of the transaxle (in other words, its
inside by less than the thickness of the centering ring on the back
of the engine.) The ring gear should be completely inside the transaxle.

You mentioned that one flywheel fit. You should make sure its not a
180mm clutch flywheel. That's no fair and no good (they have enough
trouble with later stock VW engines, that's why VW went to a 200mm

> While we got one iteration of our different fitments to work
> without rubbing I'm concerned that the weight of the motor hanging
> unsupported off the transaxle might set down on the flywheel
> causing it to rub again. Would .125" off the O.D. be sufficient
> clearance?

Things here better not be moving! The Beetle had no problem hanging a
247 lb. engine off the back of the transaxle. Shake, rattle, and
roll, it was never a problem (unless someone didn't tighten the
bolts!) When grinding out a 40HP tranny to fit a 200mm clutch
flywheel its not uncommon to stop grinding with only 0.01 inch of
clearance for the larger ring gear.

Paul "neon" Gooch