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Re: Air-cooled VW to 8" Motor adaptor plate Question

Hello Mike,

I just went to measure the pressure plate hole in my flywheel to the edge of
the fly wheel. It now reads 0.29 inches. The edge of the pressure plate is
right at the edge of the flywheel. So to go more, a person would have to
bolt on the pressure plate and turn down both together.

I would say that another 0.125 inch off may work. The bolt holes on my
large flange coupler on the motor is only 0.0626 from the edge of the
coupler and it held up for over 30 years now.


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> Roland,
> I was the one that originally posed the question. The ring gear is cut
> into the flywheel, which apears to be forged. We'll have
> to turn the teeth off so I was wondering if it would hurt to turn down
> another .125" off the OD. This would still leave enough
> meat for the pressure plate bolts and prevent any rubbing of te flywheel
> on the adaptor plate..
> To Paul's question back to me, all of the flywheels that Bart had are
> 200mm. Just one in particular didn't rub as much and we
> were able to tap the adaptor plate enough with a rubber mallet before we
> tightened it to get all the flywheel to clear the plate.
> It seems like maybe the holes inthe adaptor and/or the alighment bolts on
> the flywheel were a couple thou off. There was little
> (not much but a little) play in the adaptor plate before we tightened it
> onto the motor. It clears now so we'll see if it stays
> centered while its bouncing around unsupported off the back end.
> Thanks
> Mike,
> Anchorage, Ak.
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> >
> >
> > Hello Paul,
> >
> > You do not need the ring gear. It will just press off. For spacing any
> > flywheel, go to a transmission shop and pick up a flywheel shim that
> > fits
> > between the motor coupler and flywheel. You get these shims in any
> > thickness.
> >
> > Yes, you can thin down the flywheel if its made of forge steel, not
> > cast. I
> > have my flywheel reduce from 1.5 inch to about 3/4 inch.
> > Most of this material was at the edge of the flywheel which was step to
> > hole
> > the ring gear. The center of the flywheel was at about 3/4 inch anyway.
> >
> > Roland
> >
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