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Re: Curtis controller voltage questions [was Re: Re: Could higher pack voltage be st

Markus Lorch wrote:
> I have a 1221R rated at 84V, 375A... I currently run my Curtis with
> 90V nominal and am wondering if I can take it any higher...
> could I do a 120V or 144V pack without having to replace parts?
> Or is there a fair chance that something will break?

84v is an unusual nominal voltage; was your controller specially built
for some OEM that wanted this voltage?

In general, the Curtis controllers are mass-produced commodity items.
They have been tweaked and cost-reduced to have just barely enough
safety margin to get by. I would be very reluctant to use one above its
ratings. They are fragile enough as it is! Your -R controller is going
to be particularly difficult to repair if it breaks.

> I suspect I have to open it and adjust some pots, like over voltage?

No, there are no pots for this. There is only one extra pot on the -R
Curtis, and I think it controls max regen current. The pots are all
accessible without opening the case, by removing the screws on the sides
of the case.

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