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Re: Define EV ! Was:Re: Electric car vies for speed record (500 kph)

I'm not debating that the efficiency of using Hydrogen as an energy carrier is even near being economical, because its not. But then again using Duracel 'D' size Copper Top primary cells is not either but if someone was so inclined to build a one time only use electric dragster with Duracel batteries, it would certainly be defined as an EV, no?

You can put "electricity" as you call it, into hydrogen too just by plugging an electrolyzer into the grid and cracking water. Basic definition of a charger, no? Not at all efficient. But plug into the grid charging? Yes.

Zeke's point about "importing" electricity is symantics. Charging batteries, or electrocuting water from PV panels or from the grid (charging in either case, no?) still requires the importing of Energy. It just so happens that the delivery from the sun is free, you'll have to pay for it to come to you on wires.

Who says there is no Free energy? It hits you on the top of the head every day.
(Some a little harder than others, for us bald guys)

Anchorage, Ak.

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From: Jukka Järvinen <[email protected]>
Date: Tuesday, July 31, 2007 3:06 pm
Subject: Define EV ! Was:Re: Electric car vies for speed record (500 kph)
To: [email protected]

> There's a place for a survey again :)
> I have defined a vehicle as EV when they use 100% electric
> drivetrain
> and can be charged with electricity from most outlets out there. It
> has
> to eat electrons.
> Fool cells can be done to do that but I have no record if such
> vehicles
> exist and have been sold. Such type of vehicle would be EV for me.
> Hydrogen is a energy media. As are Lions and SLAs.
> I think the EV has been defined already in mid 19th century. Fool
> cells
> were not there by then (I think).
> Fool cells are fool cells.. that's it. Required efficiency is not
> there.
> And will never be... (WKTEC => Mechanical rabbit..)
> -Jukka
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