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Re: Define EV ! Was:Re: Electric car vies for speed record (500 kph)

Hey Guys

Not sure how it got here and it's getting off topic
but in Mikes defense I found this sub-note on the
words meaning when I looked it up 8^)

Note: Semantics is commonly used to refer to a trivial
point or distinction that revolves around mere words
rather than significant issues: “To argue whether the
medication killed the patient or contributed to her
death is to argue over semantics.”

The American Heritage® New Dictionary of Cultural
Literacy, Third Edition

Although I do feel the word sophistry was better
suited and is one I'll have to add to my vocabulary

Jim Husted
Hi-Torque Electric

--- Andrew Kane <[email protected]> wrote:

> Hi Mike, I agree with the substance of your
> post (below) but I
> had to email you off-list because of your usage of
> the word
> "semantics".

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