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Re: [EV] RE: 96 S10 a good candidate?

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Re: [EV] RE: 96 S10 a good candidate?

> Is this S10 a manual transmission? Manual or power brakes? Manual or
> power steering? It will be easier to get running with the manual
> options, but many on the list have found solutions for power brakes
> (electric vacuum pump) and power steering (electric pump or existing
> pump with a belt to new drive motor). The manual transmission would be
> the easiest to attach to and use, or a much larger motor driving the
> rear end directly, with a much larger controller. The manual
> transmission will allow a more reasonable priced DC motor and controller
> to be used.

Its manual transmission, but power everything else.

> Look at the EV Album and see what others have done with a small truck.
> Here is a '95 S10 on ebay that was professionally built, AC drive I
> believe.
> Check out Solectria E10: item 140142830024
> 24&
> %3D140142830024%26fvi%3D1

nice truck :)

> Good luck!


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