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Re: [EVDL] 2SSIC Barona Report <long winded> - Dewalt pack info

I'm using 96 torn down dewalt packs with custom balancers that engage on
every full charge. From testing <and on something smaller like a
motorcycle> it would be possible to keep them intact (you can't draw more
than 50 amps per pack for sure) and then balance them using the dewalt
charger periodically. I would recommend that you check the voltage of all
your packs (I got between 2-3 bad dewalt packs out of approximately 110) and
any that are off mark once balance with dewalt, put them somewhere else
charge discharge cycle maybe 10-20 times, measure again. If one battery
comes back high or low (say 1 volt above or below the rest) 3 times I would
probably look at changing it out. That should give you a good feel for
drift and an estimate for how often to balance them.
Note heat will change the voltage and charge dis-charge characteristics of
these batteries, so if you find one spot that is consistently high or low it
probably has something to do with temperature and you may need to think
about not having batteries there (simplest answer).


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You are busy with your 2SSIC lithium powered XXXX. Just a few quick
questions. I am building a motorcycle using the same DeWalt battery module
that you are using. How many batteries do you use when all the trays are
full? I was shocked to look at your web site and see a picture of the build
with 18 batteries shown. Then later I was able to see the trays of
batteries you use for the street or strip, and that seemed more realistic.

Do you feel that the batteries stay fairly balanced when you charge? Do you
ever pull them out and use the DeWalt charger for balance? Does your system
use balancers?


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Oh yeah, Full details (pictures, video, building, blog, etc.) available on
my website

I'll be putting up some specs soon <I have to finish establishing some of
them :)

KD a.k.a. Michael

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