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Re: [EVDL] 2SSIC Barona Report <long winded>

Michael T Kadie wrote:

> Day 2 I did a 7.83 followed by a 7.80/7.81 I'm not sure

7.80 = 12.246 1/4 mile? Nice! Think you will be in the 11's next
time out with the power cranked up?

> It's weird I'm at more power, running my 'Cheater' slicks and she is lifting
> less.

What size/brand of tires? How much air pressure?

> enough for the track officials.

What was the reason/details? I'm unclear.

> need to replace me stock brake proportioning thingy with an adjustable one

I'm partial to the Wilwood one:

It's been out for a while and is still the newest model/style on the market.

> and put a locker on the front wheels so I can get a better burn out.

The Hurst line lock is proven and has a good rep:

Summit has one exactly like it for less $$$

Here's a pic that might or might not be of any help depending on how
you have your brake lines routed(and master cylinder type):

> Oh and my steering bound up. I guess that was important too. Boy that had
> me scared. It turned out that that one of my u-joints had been rotated off
> its locking spot and then the whole set of u-joints and bars slipped down
> and started binding.

If you don't like all those allen head set screws in that steering
shaft, this company offers one that is all welded up for some $$$

Click on the pic and you can see the welds instead of setscrews.

Nice car and good luck.


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