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Re: [EVDL] 2SSIC Barona Report <long winded>

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Re: [EVDL] 2SSIC Barona Report <long winded>

In a message dated 8/26/2007 10:57:35 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
[email protected] writes:

We'll start with the quick answer to a question - 2SSIC is running Xtreme
Street 300 volts (primarily because the motor is in the transmission tunnel,
i.e. moved motor). Hot rodding world is a little weird, in car shows, etc.
she gets to be a 65, just like all the all alunimum t-buckets get to be


So I was out at Barona this weekend (thanks for all the support) and so was
Speed channel new show Record Keeper (I think). It is an 1/8 mile track so
I first established a baseline time (1/10 second faster than I crossed the
1/8 in Portland) did LOTS of tape time that I think they are going to use.
And promoted the sport (including NEDRA) and myself.

What a great opportunity, they were there for VW unlimited 1/8 record
attempt, that made one warm up and one aborted run and went home.

So turns out that it a WHOLE lot of work to get a car and generator back and
forth to a track beyond the range of the car without a second driver. I
also learned that I need to take a full toolbox period <happily I was able
to borrow a pair a pliers and a set of allen wrench from some fellow racers.

[[[The Numbers
Best run Portland 8.01 at the 1/8.
Day one I did 7.91 followed by a 7.90
Day 2 I did a 7.83 followed by a 7.80/7.81 I'm not sure]]]

these are fantastic numbers keep up the good work.

Oh and my number whenever I race at Barona is 1965 (they let me claim that
number :)

It's weird I'm at more power, running my 'Cheater' slicks and she is lifting


[ [ [So I didn't get to crank up the power all the way.
I was having trouble slowing down early enough for the track officials.
Right now my front brakes are locking before my rears are doing much of
anything (good thing I not running small front tires yet), so I'm going to
need to replace me stock brake proportioning thingy with an adjustable one
and put a locker on the front wheels so I can get a better burn out.] ] ]

stopping an electric car with the motor engaged takes a lot more rear brake
than it would disengaged.....two solutions......1. disengage motor from drive
line or 2. more rear brake bias.

Oh and my steering bound up. I guess that was important too. Boy that had
me scared. It turned out that that one of my u-joints had been rotated off
its locking spot and then the whole set of u-joints and bars slipped down
and started binding. An easy fix (I thought something had gotten bend in
the emergency rope tow other than the radiator support).



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