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Re: [EVDL] 2SSIC Barona Report <long winded>

Oh yeah, Full details (pictures, video, building, blog, etc.) available on
my website

I'll be putting up some specs soon <I have to finish establishing some of
them :)

KD a.k.a. Michael

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From: Pestka, Dennis J [mailto:D[email protected]]
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Do you have pictures or specs posted anywhere on your car?

Elsberry, MO

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From: Michael T Kadie [mailto:[email protected]]
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To respond - I still have a lot left (600 amps) plus a few volts plus (very
important) changing my rear end gears. I think that for drag racing, and
especially racing Zombie, I'm going to need to go from 2.71's to probably
3.2 - 3.3's. This may very well endanger my rear axles, but that was always
a known risk :) But one step at a time. Right now I can't crank up my amps
and higher because I don't have enough rear brake action to slow down
quickly enough at the end of the track to go any faster at Barona, which is
one of the reasons I didn't (thanks for the proportioning valve
recommendations, I'll be ordering something soon).
The other question is how come my front wheels lifted, just barely, off the
ground in Portland at 1100 amps with over-inflated street tires, but not at
1400 amps with 26.5 x 9.5 slicks at 15 PSI. I haven't been braking loose
the tires. I've shaved 2/10 my 1/8 mile speed and picked up like 4 MPH
which I figure would put me right where Wayland said
12.6-12.8 1/4 Also VERY important is for me and the car to get more
experience. She is AMAZING to drive, and with the exception of the 2nd run
in Portland where she lifted (barely) complete control and response.
Did I mention how amazing it is to drive her?
Lets see as to the steering problems, It was not the allen's that were the
problem. They all have small indentations that they fit in. The problem
was that somewhere along the way one of the u-joints was put on in the wrong
place so that it was lined up with a flat bar instead of the indentation.

So to wrap up - I figure I've got 40% left in power about 8% I can safely
add in voltage 20% in gears (to optimize for the 1/4) which means I have
about 80% left to go before I start dropping weight - I can loose 100 # in
the rear end 50 # in the front lower A arms and another 50-80# in the
wheels, and in a worst case scenario 120# in the driver (pro / jockey). Now
for reality the 200# to the car (10% + ) I probably don't have money for
now. The 80% I've got left, well I need to increase my brakes so that I'm
using the rears, then I can also looking at putting narrow front tires on.
But I need more experience because this is an AMAZING amount of power, and
deserves respect.


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From: John Wayland [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Sunday, August 26, 2007 5:02 PM
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Subject: Re: [EVDL] 2SSIC Barona Report <long winded>

Hello to All,

Micheal Kadie wrote:

>Day 2 I did a 7.83 followed by a 7.80/7.81 I'm not sure

Way to go Michael, for getting back out to the track and running some good
1/8 mile times in front of the Speed Record channel guys!

Ryan Stotts wrote:

>7.80 = 12.246 1/4 mile? Nice! Think you will be in the 11's next time

>out with the power cranked up?
Michael's 7.80 second 1/8 mile ET will not translate to a 12.2 second
1/4 mile ET, unless his EV's electric drive train performance is completely
unlike all the others I've seen over the years in drag racing...and I can
tell you from first hand experience with his car, that it is not. If it were
an AC powered machine with say, a 350kw AC system that would have strong
high rpm horsepower like an ICE powered gas car does, then maybe. A big
high-torque'n DC drive? No way.

If you use conventional gas car race calculators, which I assure you did,
then your estimate of a 7.80 second 1/8 mile ET translating to a
12.246 second 1/4 ET is pretty close. I've got perhaps 50 times slips right
in front of me at the moment, and I can verify this in regards to what 'an
ICE powered car' does..keep in mind, this is only if we were talking about
an ICE gas car and not an EV drag car.

We raced against a hot tweaked turbo Dodge Neon ricer a few weeks ago when
we ran our 11.8 on lead acid. His stout four banger turbo ran an impressive
12.280 @ 110.7 mph after running a 7.756 second 1/8 mile.
This was your typical gas car that has its best acceleration when its ICE is
revved to its power band, and in this car's case, to where its turbo was on
full boost and the top speed was really picking up...the exact opposite of
'most' electric drag cars at this time in our electric drag racing
development. Keep in mind that in this example, the 1/8 mile ET was a bit
quicker than the example 7.8 at an even quicker 7.75, and, it was a turboed
car, the type that generally has a better second half mph than non-turboed
cars have, an yet it was shy of your 12.246 with its 12.280 ET. Nonetheless,
the gas car calculator was at least in the ball park.

You cannot merely look at a racing calculator designed for gas cars and
accurately predict an EV's performance. The same gas car calculators show
White Zombie as having 386 hp to do its 1/4 mile ETs while we know for a
fact from our sagged voltage and delivered motor current, that we are making
closer to 260-300 hp at best.

Now, with those same 50 some-odd time slips in front of me, I looked for
some of White Zombie's slower times such as when we either had cold
batteries, or had turned down the juice for some reason, so as to show you
what an electric drag car's 1/4 mile ET really is when its 1/8 mile ET is
7.8 seconds. Unfortunately in this pile of time slips, none of our
1/8 mile ETs are that slow. The slowest I did find though, is a 7.74, which
is still quicker than a 7.8, and that 7.74 produced a 1/4 mile ET of
12.433...that's a quicker 1/8 mile ET that is still not strong enough to get
anything more than a 12.4.

It only takes small differences in the 1/8 mile ET to make BIG differences
in the 1/4 mile ET. To demonstrate this to you, I went to one of my favorite
electric drag racing, then I clicked on
'White Zombie History', then on 'Early 2005', then looked under 'Races and
EVents', where I found a photo of my own hand holding a time slip from the
Woodburn drags where Tim Brehm first started driving Zombie. The time slip
is easy to read, so you might go check it out. It shows a 1/8 mile ET of
7.917 seconds (slower than the 7.8 we're talking about here) that resulted
in a 1/4 mile ET of 12.638.

Don't misunderstand me on this...I think Michael's car is cool, and I'm
thrilled that he is out there perfecting his car and running at the track.
My hat's off to him and I am looking forward to seeing how he continues to
improve his car and his drag racing skills. I think he's on his way to a mid
12 in the 12.6 range, based on his current 7.8 second
1/8 mile ET. That's a very impressive ET and it's one that will make his car
a force to be reckoned with at the drag strip. It is however, a long ways
away from a low 12, such as the 12.2 you posted his current best
1/8 mile ET translates to. When he starts running in the 7.6 range for a
1/8 mile ET, that's when his EV will be turning out 1/4 mile ETs in the
12.2 second zone. I have no doubt, that he'll get there. I look forward to
when he runs a 7.5 second 1/8 mile ET that will push his EV into the high

See Ya....John Wayland

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