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Re: [EVDL] 2SSIC Barona Report

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> On Behalf Of Michael T Kadie

> So I was out at Barona this weekend (thanks for all the support) and so
> was Speed channel new show Record Keeper (I think).
> Cheers,
> KD
> http:/

First, congrats on all of your successes; I'm sure you're having fun, with much more to come.

I believe the show was probably "Speed Records". The same show that Shawn Lawless was recently on with the Orange Juice dragster.

Please, everybody go to this link

and cast your vote for the 'Speed Channel' to keep "Speed Records"

Here's the you-tube of Shawn's run, posted by Steve Ciciora

Stay Charged!
I-5, Blossvale NY

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