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Re: [EVDL] 3178 lb.S10 runs in 12s

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Re: [EVDL] 3178 lb.S10 runs in 12s

I thought my S10 would be a little lighter but an official weight of 3178 +-
1.5lbs without me!!With me 3354 lbs.Well it is a service truck, daily driver.
The 13in. x 13in. 24/36 volt traction motor put my S 10 in the 12s.It kinda
slow in the 1st 1/8 mile but pulls like a freight train at the top end. All its
runs were well over 100mph with almost bracket race close ets.the best being a
12.76 at almost 106mph.This was again almost a third of a second quicker than
last week. This is the 13th time down the qt. mile and still taking off big
chunks of time. We did have a lot of wind and dust (side and front) to contend
with being this is still our monsoon season. This improvement in performance
did not include adjusting the zilla to the remaining power left in the
batteries but came as the result of a smaller tire. So there may be still surprise
ETS. left in this heavy truck. This truck has only 30 26ah lead batteries in the
drive system.

The motor is performing great, no sign of arcing, a
beautiful golden tan communator.It must be all the motor homework. I still have
to add weight though to be legal in the 900lb? lighter zombies nedra record
catorgy.The truck still needs a headliner! Dennis Berube
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