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Re: [EVDL] 3wheelers, Gizmo...Doran-mo...Sparrow-mo...

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Re: [EVDL] 3wheelers, Gizmo...Doran-mo...Sparrow-mo...

Hi Tim,Ralph, Ed and All,

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From: "Timothy Balcer" <[email protected]>
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Subject: Re: [EVDL] Gizmo...Doran-mo...Sparrow-mo...
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 18:10:42 -0400

>Of the two Doran's made BY Doran, one of them was a full
>electric, although the motive design was pretty primitive.
>The other one is in the EVAlbum, and was probably converted

The molds are for sale again.

>Stephen Taylor is a collector it seems. :) If he is around
>I'm sure he'll be happy to pipe up.

He's rarely on the list but does have quite a few
EV's including a Li-ion Sunrise.

>Anyhoo, as you can see the range is pretty low, mainly
>because there is very little room to install battery, and
>the weight allowance is pretty small for the Doran
>constructed per plans.

That's why I went to rear drive on my 2f1r similar to
the Doran. With a diff in front took all the space needed
for 12 t105's which gives about 100+ mile range. Building
3wheelers must be done right with the CG low and 1/3 inside
the 2 wheel axle or equal weight on each wheel for good
Done right few cars can beat them for handling. My CG
is several inches below a Corvette's!! Done wrong it's worse
than an SUV!!

>I'm sure you could adapt the design, and put more battery
>in (AC Propulsion put in enough lead in the TZero to make
>it go pretty darned far) but of course, that would increase
>the cost.
>OR you could put in Lithium and get something like a 5
>times range boost (increased DOD and 1/4 the weight). Maybe
>But then, that's not $5k

For inexpensive building one from wood/epoxy is very
hard to beat for lightweight, strength. The Vortex is a
plywood/epoxy car.



-Check out these electric Dorans on


-You might look into the Vortex (another hand-built
3-wheeler), although
-I didn't see any on the album. There is an active Vortex
group on Yahoo:

This is about the best 3wheeler group for all 3wheelers
with as many EV 3wheelers as gas ones with the best advice
on them.
On 8mm belts, # of teeth are 10x dia in inches and the
smallest pulley one should use is 25 teeth primary. 2.5". As
the wheel sprocket needs to be inside the wheel rim so on a
14" wheel, shouldn't be more than 120 teeth, 12" or so which
means 6-1 is rather hard to do unless you have big rims.
Having a sporcket the same or larger than the rim means feq
belt replacement from road damage from curbs, potholes, ect.
I had to give up my favorite EV scooter because of that.
You may want to switch fields to series to get better
hill climbing torque with field weakening to get higher top
end. Would need a new controller though..

Jerry Dycus


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For subscription options, see