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Re: [EVDL] 55amp Shunwei Science & Technology controller

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Re: [EVDL] 55amp Shunwei Science & Technology controller


Most of the small 24 and 36 volt scooters of this type have a separate
charger that plugs into the machine via a three prong XLR connector
(similar to a microphone). Look at Ebay item number 220144495302

Maybe someone on this list has a schematic for the controller.

When I changed the hall effect throttle on a 24 volt Razor scooter from
thumb control to twist control, the three wires had different connectors
and I had some trouble but finally got it done. Without a working or
broken bike to look at, hopefully someone has a schematic for you to
work from.


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SW-36v / 500WG controller. I aquired this controller and another of
history for a 36v project. I have a vague idea of the wiring. Does
have a schematic of the pinouts? I have heard these are on the Honda
Minimotos. Silver case. 7 connectors. The input is female & the motor
output is male I hope. I recognised the brake cutout & a three pin
must be hall effect. Now I can't figure out volt sense or any of the
functions. This wouldn't have a charger built in to such a small unit
it? Lawrenece Rhodes.....

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