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Re: [EVDL] 9" adv Aluminum feild coil housing ?

Hey Jeff, all

I got Jeff's and then Lee's reply to this before I got
the actual post. As they pointed out, it's part of
the motor you got to live with. Reminds me of the
song "He ain't heavy... He's my motor.. lol.

Lansing Bagnall actually makes a motor with an AL
housing. They set the field coils into a laminated
steel core that inserts into the outer AL housing
shell. Laminating allows you to do more with less, but
not that much more.

I've also seen an almost all AL aircraft starter where
just the poles, arm body, bearings and shaft were
steel. Almost threw my back out as it looked like it
weighed 80 lbs and wieghed only 35 lbs or whatEVer.
The problem with AL field coils is attaching it to the
terminals, and is a major weak link area on EVery
style I've seen to date. It was also as Lee stated,
high RPM's low torque.

I've thought about what it'd take to make a laminated
housing with a lightweight strong skin to hold it
tight and true. In the end, if it were that much
better then it's how it'd be done. What's one willing
to pay for a percent or two? To create a new housing
for let's say a 9'er and to compare would be a fun
thing to try, if one has the time. Anyway that's my
take on it.
Jim Husted
Hi-Torque Electric

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