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Re: [EVDL] 9" adv Aluminum feild coil housing ?

Great job on weight loss! I'm bowing in your general direction!

Are you sure you want to go with smaller brakes? Larger brakes will have more leverage, and so will stop with less pedal effort, especially important since you are doing away with the power brakes. Also, it is easier than you might realize to overheat brakes on a heavy car. Bigger brakes are less likely to overheat. Without regen, it is especially important to have good brakes if you ever need to make it down a big hill. Especially without regen, you might find the smaller brakes are more prone to warping their disks, so the larger brakes could save you this hassle.

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From: Jeff Mccabe <[email protected]>
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Sent: Friday, October 26, 2007 9:40:22 AM
Subject: Re: [EVDL] 9" adv Aluminum feild coil housing ?

Dave, here a just a few,

600+lb. v8 engine
-120lb drive train(flywheel,clutch,1-4-5-r

lighter wheels tires and brakes -11 lbs. per tire and
wheel(soon to be at least 10 more per wheel once I put
aluminum calipers and smaller lighter discs on)

at least 250 lbs out of the interior(seats -100lbs,
sunroof-45,doors 22lbs each, dash 25,

relay and fuse panel 45lbs.(put in a 12 circuit hot
rod panel)

lightened bumper supports and mounts (22 both sides,
replaced the 6lb. pumper shocks with 3/4 lb. ones I
made out of aluminum)

10 lb lighter differential ( had a limited slip one in
it, changed it to an open dif. from an automatic. This
and the other drive train weight is 5 times more
valuable the chassis weight)

manual steering 40lbs.

front light bar and ass. 40lbs.

soon all the rear glass will be plastic,

I'm converting it to manual brakes(yes I'm changing
out the master cylinder, larger calipers pistons and
increased pedal ratio, I will not miss all the weight
and it will still stop on a dime)

I'm also planning to replace the steel torque tube
with a custom aluminum one of my design

The current 1400+ weight loss does not include the
last three changes.
Also the 140+ lbs from the drive train is counted as
straight weight, not its real value which is 4-5 times
that !
I don't have my list with me of all the changes so
their are many more items that I cant remember at the
I have new pictures of the finished interior and door
panels, I will update Ev album soon.
Good luck,
Jeff McCabe

--- dave cover <[email protected]> wrote:
> Can you run through the items you've removed to
> loose that much
> weight? I'm doing a Porsche too and I'm looking for
> ideas. I'm not
> going to go as far as you have, but I'm always
> looking for new ideas.

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