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Re: [EVDL] 9" adv Aluminum feild coil housing ?

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Re: [EVDL] 9" adv Aluminum feild coil housing ?

Using my Ev for its intended purpose, commuting, I
don't have hills or mountain passes to go over. The
brakes are sized for performance driving now. I rarely
get on the brakes hard enough to heat them up. If I do
end up going down a mountain pass, I will just pulse
the brakes. This keeps them much cooler.
When I just finished my Ev, the first problem I had
was my vacuum switch cutting out. I went home several
days with non operating power brakes and yes the pedal
was heavy, but not scary. This was with fighting the
vacuum booster and lower leverage pedal. I think Ill
be OK.
Dave if I wanted to save the hassle, I certainly
wouldn't of done what I already have : )
I made a joke! ha ha, sorry its Friday , I'm in a
good mood! : )
Bye for now,

--- David Dymaxion <[email protected]> wrote:

> Great job on weight loss! I'm bowing in your general
> direction!
> Are you sure you want to go with smaller brakes?
> Larger brakes will have more leverage, and so will
> stop with less pedal effort, especially important
> since you are doing away with the power brakes.
> Also, it is easier than you might realize to
> overheat brakes on a heavy car. Bigger brakes are
> less likely to overheat. Without regen, it is
> especially important to have good brakes if you ever
> need to make it down a big hill. Especially without
> regen, you might find the smaller brakes are more
> prone to warping their disks, so the larger brakes
> could save you this hassle.
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> From: Jeff Mccabe <[email protected]>
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> Sent: Friday, October 26, 2007 9:40:22 AM
> Subject: Re: [EVDL] 9" adv Aluminum feild coil
> housing ?
> Dave, here a just a few,
> 600+lb. v8 engine
> -120lb drive train(flywheel,clutch,1-4-5-r
> gears),-22lbs.
> lighter wheels tires and brakes -11 lbs. per tire
> and
> wheel(soon to be at least 10 more per wheel once I
> put
> aluminum calipers and smaller lighter discs on)
> at least 250 lbs out of the interior(seats -100lbs,
> sunroof-45,doors 22lbs each, dash 25,
> relay and fuse panel 45lbs.(put in a 12 circuit hot
> rod panel)
> lightened bumper supports and mounts (22 both sides,
> replaced the 6lb. pumper shocks with 3/4 lb. ones I
> made out of aluminum)
> 10 lb lighter differential ( had a limited slip one
> in
> it, changed it to an open dif. from an automatic.
> This
> and the other drive train weight is 5 times more
> valuable the chassis weight)
> manual steering 40lbs.
> front light bar and ass. 40lbs.
> soon all the rear glass will be plastic,
> I'm converting it to manual brakes(yes I'm changing
> out the master cylinder, larger calipers pistons and
> increased pedal ratio, I will not miss all the
> weight
> and it will still stop on a dime)
> I'm also planning to replace the steel torque tube
> with a custom aluminum one of my design
> The current 1400+ weight loss does not include the
> last three changes.
> Also the 140+ lbs from the drive train is counted
> as
> straight weight, not its real value which is 4-5
> times
> that !
> I don't have my list with me of all the changes so
> their are many more items that I cant remember at
> the
> moment.
> I have new pictures of the finished interior and
> door
> panels, I will update Ev album soon.
> Good luck,
> Jeff McCabe
> --- dave cover <[email protected]> wrote:
> > Can you run through the items you've removed to
> > loose that much
> > weight? I'm doing a Porsche too and I'm looking
> for
> > ideas. I'm not
> > going to go as far as you have, but I'm always
> > looking for new ideas.
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