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Re: [EVDL] ADC Surplus DC->AC motor conversion

I just grabbed two of these (thanks for the heads up!) and shipping to
Minden, Nevada was about $67 for the pair.

While BLDC motors seem to be "the best" from spec sheets, series DC
motors are pretty nice also. I really don't see any reason to think
about converting these to BLDC and then designing a controller around

As far as possible goes though, I think the proper way to convert them
to BLDC would be to replace the field coils with magnets and change the
case so that it is the part that spins (an "inside-out" BLDC or

I understand the desire to design the perfect EV. I've spent months
dreaming. But after reading a few hundred EVDL posts I've come to grips
with "the perfect is the enemy of the good". A working EV on the road
is worth way more than a perfect EV on paper.


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Seems like quite the good deal, what about shipping costs?

Now wouldn't it be possible to take one of these ADC motors, and replace
the rotor with another that has permanent magnets on it, and thus
convert it to a BLDC motor?

--- tomgocze <[email protected]> wrote:

> Hey Guys,
> Has anyone noticed this 6.7" ADC motor at the Surplus Center? $229
> Almost done with '04 Prius (a body shop fixed all
> the frame issues)
> and am starting on another one. Am searching for one
> that I can fool
> with as a pure EV.
> Did I see a post somewhere that Prius electric
> motors might not hack
> it as a straight ahead electric drive motor?
> Tom in Maine
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