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Re: [EVDL] Advancing Motor Brushes?

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Re: [EVDL] Advancing Motor Brushes?

--- "Joseph T. " <[email protected]> wrote:
> Is it really necessary to advance motor brushes?
> Don't electric
> motors, like from ADC or NetGain, come out of the
> box ready to handle
> many hundreds of volts and amps?

Hi Joseph,

I see some others have chimed in so I won't repeat.
But here's my take. Sometimes it is necessary to
advance brushes to get acceptable commutation. It
depends on the motor and on the application.

As far as the motor manufacture goes: if he knows the
application and has designed that motor for that
application, then the brushes should be set or
interpoles included or whatever is necessary to
achieve the specified life for that motor and
application. This is done for O.E.M.s (original
equipment manufacturers). Here there is a specified
voltage, known loads and all the rest of the facts.

When a DC motor is sold as a commodity, who knows. If
it is a reversible series wound motor, which direction
is forward in the vehicle? Which way should he have
shifted the brushes? What voltage will it be used at?
What current limit? There are too many unknowns.
And the motor manufacture cannot custom design each
motor for everyone. Well, he could, but nobody could
afford the product then. The best you can do is to
learn as much as you can about motors, seek advice and
apply what you can afford. Oh yea, and learn from
your mistakes and those of others.

Hope that helps.


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