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Re: [EVDL] Alternator with Transformers? and treadmill motors

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Re: [EVDL] Alternator with Transformers? and treadmill motors

I have plenty of these available for $20 plus $5
shipping in the US.
1.5 Hp Continuous duty, 95Vdc, Class N insulation.
Treadmill duty, 2.65 Hp, 130Vdc, 18Amps, 6700RPM.
--- "Dewey, Jody R ATC COMNAVAIRLANT, N422G5G"
<[email protected]> wrote:

> I had another idea - permanent magnet treadmill
> motors can become
> generators. I bought a 130V treadmill motor for use
> in my EV to drive
> the power steering pump. It said on the package
> that it would generate
> DC if you spin it. I have yet to try it but it is
> definitely small
> enough to fit below the hood. It might only make 5
> or 6 amps but at
> least it will charge the pack.
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> Mike,
> You will have to find a transformer for the
> specific frequency
> of the alternator. Using a 60hz one on any other
> frequency will be
> catastrophic. It will melt. I was googling
> rewiring the alternator for
> high voltage and found this site that sells a 115V
> or 230V generator.
> Jody
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> Subject: [EVDL] Alternator with Transformers?
> I have had a weird idea nibbling around at the back
> of my mind, and I
> was wondering if anyone could help me decide if it
> is worth
> investigating. I have a pusher trailer based on a
> Honda Civic I
> occasionally use with my EV conversion. While it
> pushes well and has
> proven handy for taking the EV to EVents outside my
> normal range, it
> doesn't include any method for charging the EV while
> pushing. In the
> past the idea of having an alternator rewound to
> provide high voltage at
> low current has been suggested, but so far I have
> been unable to find
> anyone who can do that. I tried running a small
> inverter to power my
> home built 120 VAC charger on the Civic, but when
> the battery voltage on
> the EV would drop during acceleration, the inverter
> would overload and
> shut down. I was going to try installing a
> PowerMite 120 VAC generator
> driven by a belt off the engine, but there simply
> isn't enough room.
> Here is my strange idea. Since an alternator really
> is generating
> three-phase AC before rectification, could a second
> one be added to the
> engine, then the three AC phases be brought out of
> the alternator
> and fed to three transformers? Since I am trying
> to charge a 156
> Volt pack, what if one used three 120 VAC to say 12
> Volt transformers,
> and fed the AC from the alternator in to the
> secondary so they stepped
> up the voltage instead of stepping it down? I
> assume since the
> alternator is only 60 Amps, each transformer would
> only require roughly
> a 20 Amp secondary. The output of each of the three
> transformers would
> then be rectified and combined to proved high
> voltage DC to the EV. The
> original voltage regulator would be tweaked by
> adding a variable
> resistor and probably a zener to hold the alternator
> output voltage to
> make the stepped up output match the pack voltage.
> So, is any of this possible? Can 60 cycle
> conventional transformers be
> back fed the odd frequency from a car alternator? I
> realize after all
> this I would be lucky to get more than about 6 or 8
> Amps output, but
> that is more than I have now.
> Thanks,
> Mike Chancey,
> '88 Civic EV
> Kansas City, Missouri
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Re: [EVDL] Alternator with Transformers? and treadmill motors
Re: [EVDL] Alternator with Transformers? and treadmill motors
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