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Re: [EVDL] article: Aptera Electric Three Wheeler Available forPre-Order


Maybe a list member around San Diego, California, could check out the
Aptera. This web site lists Carlsbad, CA as the home of the start up

This web address is long so you may have to open this E-mail, click
reply, and do some editing to put it back together after the break from
the line break. After you get to the site, you can delete the E-mail
message that you created and not send it.

The company web site of is very slow to view, very
frustrating, lots of clips to view of nothing related to the car, no
specs that I could find. If someone were very, very, very interested in
the car, I guess you could run some of the pages in the background, to
try to get to some information. If you find specs here, can you share
where they are.


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Here's a tadpole 3-wheeler that apparently is 'almost' ready to go into

Paul Wujek ([email protected])

For subscription options, see

For subscription options, see
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