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Re: [EVDL] Aviation & EV coming together

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Re: [EVDL] Aviation & EV coming together

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Here is a forum thread, six pages beginning in March 2008. The focus here is
the larger RC motors showing up on motorized hang gliders and powered
paragliders (as they might be applied to high-powered ebikes), but you can
see how the vehicles (planes) have increased in size over these last two

My own interest in electric air props are for a Florida-style airboat.

Hi EVerybody.Me too! Well, not much use for a Forrboat, HOWEVER I am
interested in small props, sort of on the lines of " Windwagon". The vehicle
thst speaared at Woodburn, seversl years , seversl years back. I wan't by
build the ULTIMITEE leief blower! Phoie on the 5 hp Brigg and Scrapharon
ones! You get in hardwhare stores! I remember the blast the Windwagon put
out out it the track! I could attach a motor to my towing wring rig on my
Jetta? Drive sround with the motor on "Reverse"Leaves GONE!!OUT in the

Where do folks get the props and hsrdwhere to frifill these fsntesies?
It IS gunna be the falling feif season, sigh, scoon. Dammitt!We aren't
allowed to burn them, OR take to 'em to the dump! Feh!

Sea ya.

Bob, struggling along. Well they DID cap BE snyhow?the Gulf Thing
FINALLY! The Wake calls for EV's sistening?

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