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Re: [EVDL] Basic drivetrain questions, was Re: Looking for a Conversion Kit for a 19

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Re: [EVDL] Basic drivetrain questions, was Re: Looking for a Conversion Kit for a 19

they make torque converters upto 200 hp [gas rating]
so they should handle most EV projects. check out

also a few EM folk have successfully used these in
their motorcycles

--- Greg Owen <[email protected]> wrote:

> Jack Murray wrote:
> > Greg, thanks for pointing out my efforts.
> > The Comet CVT does change the gearing as the RPM
> changes, it seems to
> > me this does just what you want, although this is
> just unmeasured
> > observation, the motor tends to stay at about the
> same RPM and the
> > gearing changes as the torque and vehicle speed
> changes.
> I had been thinking that ideally one would have more
> control - for
> example, at highway speeds, most of the time you
> want the gearing set
> for efficiency. If you jam on the acceleration,
> though, that means you
> need torque (I don't know where you live, but here
> changing lanes is a
> contact sport). So a system where the CVT and the
> motor were controlled
> separately, and where acceleration depended on
> increased motor output
> and possibly even decreased gearing, yet when speed
> stabilized the CVT
> and motor would rebalance for efficiency.
> I'm a computer scientist. I have trouble with
> working solutions like
> yours when the option of screwing up a more complex
> one exists ;>.
> Having said that, I'm keeping your original post in
> my folder for
> reference because it does sound darn good.
> > The "soft start" of the belt drive is useful, and
> in fact, I've been
> > thinking this may make a contactor controller work
> very well in
> > conjunction with this CVT. This would allow
> building a very
> > inexpensive lightweight EV.
> Does that imply that the normal drawback to a
> contactor controller is
> abrupt start?
> I was also looking at minibike CVTs, like this:
> I'm wondering how that'd work for a <1500lb vehicle.
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