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Re: [EVDL] Basic drivetrain questions, was Re: Looking for a Conversion Kit for a 192

Jeff Shanab wrote:
> Probably not. the torque converter is for the low statring torque of the
> ICE. It is the reving motor slipping clutch equivilent of a human being.
> But in this case we were talking about a lightweight vehicle with a
> single 9" dc motor, My suggestion was to abuse a torque converter as a CVT.
> They are about 4:1 gear ratio as the rpm's pass thru 500 and become
> close to 1:! by 3000 rpm at which point you could lock it in. We would
> almost want a "low stall" unit.
> The other issue with this device is that the stock ones expect the oil
> to be cooled externally.

Some, but not all have external oil coolers. The old Chevy Corvair
Powerglide automatic had cooling fins on the torque converter, and no
oil cooler. This transmission was also unique in that the torque
converter was mounted completely separately from the transmission itself.

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