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Re: [EVDL] Basic drivetrain questions, was Re: Looking for a Conversion Kit for a 192

You can still get Powerglides converted from I would have like to
use one in my EV, but the first gear ratio is 1.76:1 and 2nd gear is 1.0:1.
Can use a torque converter with a ratio of 1.78:1, so that the overall
starting ratio with my 5.57:1 axle would be 17.45:1 which is a little less
than my overall ratio of 19.5:1 with the manual.

You can also get a torque converter that is lock up solid or use a pump
shaft tube without the torque converter. The Powerglide also has a area on
the side that you can plug in a unit that you can install pressure lines to
hydraulic cylinder that you can operated manually for startup or operated
this unit with a low pressure 75 to 250 psi hydraulic pump. This unit from
TCI is call a Push Start device.

For racing the hydraulic pressure would be at a high PSI, but for street
use, it would have to be control for high pressure for acceleration and a
low pressure at stop, idle or cruse

I opt for a TH-400 that I specific a low 1st gear of 2.75:1 and the 2nd gear
of 1.76. This gives me the same overall gear ratio of 26.95:1 with a 1.78:1
torque converter or 15.32:1 with a lock up torque converter or a pump shaft
without the torque converter.

The TH-400 is also modified with a manual value body and heavy duty race
type clutches which is good for 1200 hp. There is no governor and it must be
manual shift, so it is more like a semi-automatic.

There is no kick down cable unit, but the modulator value is control by a
GMC vacuum value that is control by the accelerator linkage which applies
high vacuum at stop, idle or cruse which decreases the transmission pump
pressure, and during acceleration, it applies low vacuum which increase the
pump pressure.

These units are standard GMC devices that is used on GMC diesel truck.

In very hard accelerations, it is preferred to have some slack in the pump
shaft tube that is directly bolted to the motor coupler and plug into the
pump, I use about 3/16 of a inch so it can float back and forth, other wise
you may damage the pump if is bolted up solid.

If you use a torque converter, this is where the flex wheel comes in. it is
design to flex under these conditions.


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> Ah, I just missed the powerglide era, cut my teeth on the turbo
> hydramatic 350 and the C4.
> One more thing that I just thought of, the locking clutches are
> electrically controlled but they are usually implemented in the
> converter hydraulically. External pump seems only way to go.
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