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Re: [EVDL] Battery & motor shunts

Since he is using the Synkromotive controller he can indeed use, if he so
chooses, a monitor so he can have his program up and running. He can have
both battery and motor amps running at the same time and will not have to
switch between the two. If he is going to use the the analog meter he should
be fine with the 500 amp meter and shunt. I think if I am not mistaken he
should use a dpdt switch to keep the sides isolated from each other and he
will need to use good shrink wrap around the connections to further help

If he is using the new 3C rated lithium batteries I think he can set his
limits higher. I have had mine set at 250 and 300 and I now have it set at
500. His batteries should live just fine as you don't stay in those high
ranges for long. The vehicle will have moderate performance at a limit of
300 battery amps.

Pete :)

If you don't understand, be patient, you will. Now I understand. :)
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