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Re: [EVDL] Battery Selection

The battery information was helpful. I spent some time going through the
Surrette site. The battery specifications were instructive.

>From what I have gleaned the AGM batteries do not have the cycle life of a
gel battery. I thought all VRLA batteries were similar. I will locate the
batteries longitudinally in a battery case that forms the keel of the boat
so the sealed batteries appeal to me. I already have two small batteries
that I plan to test in one of my smaller boats.

I have looked at what is available in Australia and at this stage am leaning
toward Vision or Haze VRLA gel 12V batteries with 120Ah capacity. I will
use 8 of them in series/parallel to get the 48V. The reason I have narrowed
down on these is that they are narrower than 200 - 240Ah batteries and this
is important to minimise drag from the keel. These smaller batteries are
around 30kg in weight so one person could move them around. Also I will be
able to do initial testing with 4 of them so am not up for the full cost to
start with.

Rick W.

Zeke Yewdall wrote:
> 10kW at 48 volts is only 260AH at 80% DOD, or ~400AH at 50% DOD. Not
> sure what DOD you were looking for. At your discharge rate, C/10,
> puekert won't be a big issue like it usually is with EV banks. A
> standard L-16 is between 350 and 420AH, so it might be a good fit.
> T-105's are only 220AH or so -- a little low -- I like reducing the
> number of cells if possible, instead of running parallel strings
> (twice as many cells to water....). Deka and Trojan both make L-16's,
> though the Deka are a bit cheaper (and lower AH). Surrette's smallest
> battery is also similar to an L-16, about 500AH IIRC, and they have a
> bit thicker plates than the standard L-16's, so will handle deep
> cycling better -- bit heavier per AH too though. Not sure if the
> 500AH ones have the 10 year warranty like the big surrettes do though.
> The big ones are warantied for 3200 cycles at 50% DOD, which is way
> better than a golf cart (T105) or floor sweeper (L-16) battery. But,
> you don't really need 1700AH....
> Z
> On 11/4/07, Rick Willoughby <[email protected]> wrote:
>> I am after a 10kWh battery for use in a boat. Battery configured for
>> 48V.
>> Weight is not absolutely critical. Discharge rate will be around 1kW.
>> The
>> battery would be for deep cycle use for a few months each year. It would
>> be
>> charged by solar panels and wind turbine.
>> I have looked at AGM deep cycle lead/acid batteries and there is a range
>> of
>> options in size and possible configurations. Is there any type of
>> battery
>> that would suit the application better than another. For example would
>> golf cart batteries be better than forklift batteries? Are there any
>> brands
>> better than another?
>> Also are there other types of batteries worthwhile considering based on
>> price, efficiency and life?
>> Rick W.
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