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Re: [EVDL] Blowers (battery box fans)

Storm Connors wrote:

>> Battery boxes should have exhaust fan, not pressurizing.
I'll second this. If your fan is on the intake side and pushes air through
the battery boxes, then ANY SMALL LEAK in those large boxes will push the
acid fumes into your car. Ask me how I know!

I used a marine bilge blower (inline, impeller type) for my fan and it
quit after about 1.5 years. Still haven't gotten around to replacing it.
Many people use PC cooling fans - you don't need to cool anything, just
keep the H2 from building up in great concentration. Make sure your exit
vent is near the top of the battery box...

While I notice acid smell when charging, I've never noticed it while
driving. Batteries shouldn't produce much H2 while discharging unless you
reverse a cell!


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