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Re: [EVDL] Bluetooth info (WAS: Re: Got Juice? - ie., is the charger charging? (WAS

Barry Oppenheim wrote:
> Chuck Hursch wrote:
>> I wonder how Bluetooth would stand up against controller hash, both
> over-the-air and through devices picking up the >voltages off of the
> batteries?
> I have Bluetooth audio in my EV that I routinely use for my Blackberry
> (audio playback and telephone). To the best of my knowledge it has never
> dropped a call or a connection from EMF while driving the EV. The
> radio(FM/AM) on the other hand picks up all sorts of static when the EV is
> in use.

Bluetooth uses frequency hopping, so if it finds interference, it will
change frequency (and hopefully it will find a usable frequency. On
your radio, do you get static even on FM? From your blog, it appears
that you have DC drive. There was some discussion on radio interference
awhile back. I have no radio in my car, although eventually would like
to have FM and hope it will work.

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