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Re: [EVDL] Buddy pairs AGM & Floodi

> I was planning on using a 72vdc pack of AGM's, and a 78vdc pack of Golf
> Cart 6volt floodies. You think the higher voltage floodie pack, will
> help to recover the AGM's once the EV is idle for awhile? When
> recharging, I'd recharge each string with separate chargers rated to the
> string's voltage, after disconnecting them from each other with knife
> switches.
> M.Barkley

If they are dead parallel with no blocking, the higher voltage pack
will flow current to the lower voltage pack until the two voltages are

That being said, it remains to be seen if that is a -good- thing. It
seems like a neat experiment and I'd think somebody with a few xtra
floodies and AGMs on a bench could try it out with less hazard :) I
know I am going to be once i get mine setup right!


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