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Re: [EVDL] Buddy pairs AGM & Floodi


Sorry I didn't see this!


Well, a buddy pair would be the easiest way.. you could just rig up
one pair, get them juicy and hook em up to various loads, using
various timing parameters for rest and load to see where the sweet
spots are and project that onto the driving experience. That would
actually validate/invalidate the entire model since you would
technically be connecting two series 6 chain 2V cells together in
parallel :)

Obviously, you only want current to flow towards the AGM, so you'd
need to take the load on the AGM.

The only hitch this may have is the voltage drop using diodes.


> > That being said, it remains to be seen if that is a -good- thing. It
> > seems like a neat experiment and I'd think somebody with a few xtra
> > floodies and AGMs on a bench could try it out with less hazard :) I
> > know I am going to be once i get mine setup right!
> >
> I can do this in my Elec-Trak with Exide T-105 equivalents and Hawker Genesis EP-26's.
> Would you like me to buddy strings or pairs?
> I'll need to build some zener regs for the Hawkers first, though.
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