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Re: [EVDL] Converting from watt-hours/mi. to mi/gal & back

You can use your Civic example to get a conversion formula. The gasoline
burning Civic
goes 32 mpg. Civicwithacord goes 3.3 miles per kwhr. So it requires about
10 kwhr to do
the work of one gallon of gasoline. Comparison of gasolinje and electric
versions of other
vehicles will also show that a gallon of gasoline is equivalent to about 10

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Subject: [EVDL] Converting from watt-hours/mi. to mi/gal & back

> Guys, what am I missing.
> I know my old Civvy got 32 mpg.
> I know CivicWithACord gets 300 wh/mi. maximum.
> Now I need to know the equivalent watts or joules in a
> gallon of gasoline, and I should be able to convert.

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