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Re: [EVDL] Copyright Notice & Public Domain Myth

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Re: [EVDL] Copyright Notice & Public Domain Myth

Thanks for the fine review of US Copyright. Have you forwarded your
two copies and the registration fee to the Library of Congress Yet? No?
Then as long as I make no specific profit from selling my occasional copy, I
have nothing to fear because you can sue me but you will have nothing to
recover and you must also pay your own legal fees! Also consider this,
yours is not anything I wanted to copy and give away free to my students
Because I don't see anything in it related to EVs? Are you off Topic?

I am talking about providing an occasional quote from this list to
Trainees studying to be EV Techs. And reminding the list contributors that I
value what they say, and I intend to note their name as author and the EVDL
list as the source and sometimes use the quotes in the EAA Education Chapter
Newsletter, while pointing out that their comments were Excellent and
Relevant, Why then am I catching all this flack from you?
Oh, you may consider this comment "Public Domain" and copy it all you
want because I am sure I will make no monetary profit from it. By the way
you can forget the financial support I offered a few days ago for your
research project on EV, I'm afraid I would not trust the results reported by
an individual who just sent a message with over 80% Plagiarized Quotations
from the very documents you provided "Links" to, In the Universities this
same document to which I replied would result in your EXPULSION! (Quotation
marks does not make it OK to copy, in fact you may be in violation of
Copyright Law from several US Govt. Brochures.)

Dennis Lee Miles (Director) E.V.T.I. inc.
*www.E-V-T-I-Inc.COM* (Adviser) EVTI-EVA Education Chapter

Eric <[email protected]> wrote:

> It's a common misconception that "works" published on the web/email list
> are public domain. They are not, and you can get into trouble if you're
> not careful.
> The 1989 Berne Convention Implementation Act made it "optional" to
> include a copyright notice.
> "...A copyright notice is no longer legally required to secure copyright
> on works first published on or after March 1, 1989, but it does provide
> legal benefits...."
> Just because something is published online "with or without notice", on
> an email list, or anywhere at all does not mean it's public domain.
> "...Copyright protection subsists from the time the work is created
> in fixed form. The copyright in the work of authorship
> *immediately* becomes the property of the author who created
> the work...."
> This means the author of any work (photo, text, audio, video, etc.)
> becomes the owner of that work the very moment it's created.
> (just like the text I'm typing right this second makes this text
> copyrighted, no matter if there is a notice on it or not)
> EVERY "work" created by author or artist is automatically copyrighted
> according to US Copyright law.
> You can find yourself in legal hot water if you republish anything
> without express written permission from the copyright owner.
> Hope this helps...
> Regards,
> Eric
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